Closet Organization 101 How to Maximize Your Wardrobe Space

Fashion and comfort. Stylish and effortless. So often, we hear clients complain that these words are incompatible with each other. But we totally disagree. Fashion can be both comfortable and effortless.

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In fact, we believe that with a properly organized closet space you can dress your best in the same amount of time or less than you can throw on your favorite sweats. Trust us. The key is to become familiar with what you own, and where to find it.

At first this may seem like a daunting task. And you might be thinking there's no way it's worth your time and effort. Piles of clothing and haphazard hanging might save you time on laundry day. But this method will limit you to wearing the same outfits day in and day out. So if you're looking to step-up your style, and still get out of the house in a hurry an organized closet is essential.

To ensure you have a proper closet foundation, you can hire a qualified professional. Wardrobe consultants, image consultants and personal stylists are trained in their professions, and will offer you insights and ideas on your closet organization, personal style and your most flattering silhouettes. For example, one of the services we provide at The Style Author is a closet cleanout where well work with you to create an efficient closet space for easy dressing.

But if you prefer to take matters into your own hands check our below closet organization basics:

  1. Use the same hanger not whatever your clothes come back from the cleaners on. (When tempted, visualize Joan Crawford yelling No wire hangers! Ever!)
  2. Group your clothes first by silhouette, then by color (use a color chart), and then by sleeve or pant length. This makes getting dressed a faster and easier process because you can easily find what you're looking for.
  3. Keep shoes neat either in their original boxes or what we prefer, in clear plastic shoe cases.
  4. Take care of your handbags keep them in the pouches they arrive in or clear plastic. Also, keep at least part of the original stuffing to help the bags maintain their shape and structure. (You can always stuff with tissue paper or plastic grocery bags if you didn't keep the original.)
  5. Organize your accessories we prefer to hang accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on hanging organizers. Or, create your own system using stick-on wall hooks or a cork board.
  6. Dont forget your bras and underwear. First get rid of anything that doesn't fit or is not in good condition, and then organize by color.
  7. Socks and stockings be careful with your stockings and tights, by not storing them correctly, they can easily get runs and picks! Store your socks together by folding one over the other and store your stockings by rolling the up toe to waist so that the most delicate part is not on the outside where damage can occur. We like to place a Honeycomb Drawer Organizer in the drawer for perfect storage.
  8. Belts and scarfs can be hung, placed in a drawer or kept in a storage ottoman that doubles as a place to sit within the closet. For hanging, try a scarf and belt hanger.
  9. Fold sweaters whenever possible we would suggest this even if it means keeping them on a high shelf or in an under bed storage box.
  10. No closet cleanout is complete without addressing the odors found in this closed in space. We have several suggestions.

    a.Line your drawers.

    b.Add inserts in to athletic shoes and boots.

    c.Have your favorite scent permeate the space.

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