Beauty on a Budget: A Million And One Uses For Vaseline...

When you're on a budget, it's great when you find a product that seems to do it all... And here is one of my favourites, the humble ol' Vaseline. These are just some of the other uses for the product, and you may be a bit surprised by them...

    • Relieving dry and chapped lips.
    • A great under eye moisturiser.
    • A highlighter for the cheekbones.
    • Put a thin coat on your eyelashes before you go to bed, and they apparently grow thicker and longer. Some people swear by this.
    • Great for dry elbows and knees.
    • Use it on dry hands and damaged cuticles.
    • Mix it with crystallised sugar and make a gentle lip exfoliator.
    • Apply a decent amount to lips, leave for a few minutes then gently buff with a soft toothbrush. Lips will be super smooth and polished.
    • Mix it with sea salt and make a body scrub.
    • Got this one from The Simpsons: Apply Vaseline to your teeth if you need to have a big smile, it'll make your lips repel from your teeth and keep you smiling for longer...
    • Apply to small cuts and grazes; the product acts as a barrier against dirt, bacteria and infections.
    • For really rough feet, massage a generous amount into the feet before bed and put some old socks, in the morning they should be nice and soft!
    • Acts as a reasonable makeup remover if nothing else is available.
    • Apply after shaving to prevent itchy, sore legs.
    • Use on earring posts to ease in earrings if it's proving a bit difficult.
    • Apply around the hairline before dying hair to stop the dye from staining your skin.
    • Heals and protects new tattoos.
    • Use as a mixing medium for loose pigments (advanced makeup).
    • Temporarily hides dry, split ends.
    • Buff a small amount into handbags and shoes to make them shine.
    • Smooth a small amount onto brows to tame them and keep them in place.
    • Removes false eyelash glue from the lashline.
  • Remove a ring that is stuck on your finger...

See?? A million and one uses !!

Let me say that I originally got the thought for this article talking with Jonathan from Karels wrought iron. Thank you for the idea. Guess you get ideas in unexpected ways.


Inspirations For This Article - Your knowledge is impressive. I appreciate you for sharing. - Glad I stumbled upon this business. - One of my top picks. - You are Fantastic!

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