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Lately our state power companies often did rolling blackouts. And now we also often hear the term "The global saving energy" that is by turning off the lights in our house at certain hours, usually from 7:00 p.m. to 22:00 pm. It aims to our power do not run out quickly, so we need to downsize, it is also very important for the sake of the future of our beloved earth.

Given these events, inevitably we have to use candles as a substitute lighting at home. But sometimes, melted candles dripping on the carpet. To get rid of the candles droplets, follow these simple tips to remove molten candles from carpet cleaning tips blog below.

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Take an ice cube and put it in a plastic bag. Then put ice cubes on top of the molten candle candles until the liquid freezes. After that, Peel candles slowly and carefully so not to damage the surface of your carpet.

Is there still remaining candles? If so, Put a paper envelope (brown) in the rest of the candles. Turn the iron on medium heat, then iron the paper for a while (the paper is laid on the carpet). The paper will absorb the candles and then peeling and the carpet will be clean again. This step must be done carefully, so that the carpet is not exposed to irons. Thus for carpet cleaning tips that I can share with you, hopefully useful!

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