Pure Water Window Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Pure Water Window Cleaning = Sparkling windows that stay cleaner longer!

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Pure Water Window Cleaning uses deionized water. This new eco-friendly system replaces the old standard window washing system of using squeege and chemicals. This new and improved alternative is efficient and eco-friendly.

Our Pure Water Window Cleaning system uses a carbon fiber water fed pole (WFP) with special brushes, resulting in a longer lasting, cleaner and brighter window. Tap water, traditionally used for window cleaning, contains minerals which are great for our drinking water but not great for cleaning windows. Tap water left to dry on windows can result in the mineral causing streaking, spotting and smearing of the glass. By using deionized water we eliminate the minerals and therefore eliminate the possibility for streaking, spotting and smearing. This system is efficient and eco-friendly, using no detergents/chemicals, resulting in whole window cleaning that leaves a sparkling result.

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