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The term Carpet Dry Cleaning is used when the carpets will dry in less than 4 hours after being cleaned. For most, regular maintenance cleanings, the carpets we clean dry within one to two hours . This is great for you who don't want soapy socks and can get back to using their home sooner.

  • Very Low Moisture

    "VLM" stands for Very Low Moisture . With our VLM process, only a few gallons of solution is applied to your carpet, keeping the environmental impact low; rather than hundreds of gallons of water used in "Extraction" or "Steam Cleaning" carpet cleaning methods.

    Better than steam cleaning.

    Protect your carpet & environment.

  • Encapsulation Technology

    Our signature VLM Encapsulation Solution treats the carpet, crystalizes the dirt, and separates the dirt from your carpet fibers. Not only does this dramatically reduce the stress put on your carpet from extraction cleaning methods, giving your more life and money out or your carpet, but it makes your future vacuuming more efficient, pulling more dirt from your carpet than before!

    What cleaning products do you use?

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    How does Encapsulation work?

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    What are the Pros & Cons?

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    Additional information about our VLM Carpet Cleaning Process

    What are the criteria in judging a better system than the other? By deliberating the first choice and particular necessities of the customer; diverse cleaning systems vary in method and usage, we understand that we need to exert an effort to educate the clients.

    Very Low Moisture (VLM) and Oscillating Pad (OP), are some of the many methods included in carpet and upholstery cleaning, then again they have dissimilar cleaning capabilities and are somewhat not the same in use also. Arid mixtures are completely divergent together with the foam; on the contrary bonnet and pad method are the same. But even though the same, they attain different outcomes. Bonnets are typically heavy cotton mop-type one, and are used with rotary machines; whereas OP operates with cotton terry cloth pads and an oscillating floor machinery. The oscillating floor machines and cotton pads make a profounder cleaning job for carpets, mainly in the housing setup. Also they eliminate more dirt.

    Most of the client labeled us as dry cleaners, but we certainly did not made that up. If in the past, they have used hot water extraction (HWE), today it's dry cleaners. This is how the system operates; we start by vacuuming the carpet, then spraying a product on the carpet. Putting heavy-duty cotton terry pads on the carpet follows this, and then our oscillating floor machine steers them. The cotton pads collect the soil and use as many pads as required to complete a comprehensive deep cleaning of the carpet. Then the carpet is vacuumed once more while still wet, which is part of the cleaning. In just about an hour, it's ready for use. The pads are then brought home and washed where the dirt goes down the drain.

    The machine discharges the soil, grease, and etc. from the carpet, and the cotton terry cloth pads magnets the soil up. The fibers are rubbed clean, but because of the so called oscillation, they don't just scrape off the dirt from the surface but deep down in the pile as well. The tension is really a great factor I eliminating stains and spots. And also particulate that has been held down in the pile by the fibers of the floor covering is vibrated to the surface for a total cleaning procedure. Then the vacuum machine will pick up the dirt that has vibrated up to the surface of the carpet fiber, like hair, grit, sand and old dry cleaning particulates, in addition to that it grooms the floor coverings.

    There is no need of using blocks or foil for furniture to be set right back into it's original position; it's either too dry or just damp to be able to leave furniture marks.

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