Cranberry Crazy (all meals 11/28/08)

I went back for a small serving of seconds on the stir fry. I have to admit that I used a sauce packet tonight on the stir fry, which I don't like to do because I am guessing it is pretty high in sugar and sodium. It was a quick fix because my usual sauce takes a little effort to prepare and we we're hungry.

Though I tried to fight it, I could not resist the call of more cranberry sauce after dinner! So I finished off the last remaining bites for dessert, along with a good bite or two of Matts pumpkin crumble. No more turkey. No more cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving is officially OVER

I am hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow morning before we leave for Wales around lunchtime. Blogging is always difficult when I go there because I haven't explained about the blog and taking pictures of my food might make them think (realize?) that their son married a crazy person! Normally I might take the weekend off from blogging and see you Monday, but when I do that I tend to slack a little on healthy habits and I am really trying to keep those up right now. So, I will definitely be blogging breakfast and lunch tomorrow but the next few meals are a little uncertain.

Lots of thanks needs to go to Fame Diamonds who essentially gave me the idea for this post in an email they sent me. They certainly are an adept goldsmith if anyone's interested.

Inspirations For This Article - You are Terrific! - You always help me to break it down to make it better than it was. - Utilize folks all the time.

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