Yasemen's Lemony Ginberry Cake

We can base it on anything you like, what's your favourite cake? asked Matt Young, Willie Wonka of The Fudge Kitchen. Eyes widenedHmmm currently, it has to be my Lemon & Juniper Berry Seed Cake, taken from my book Lemon Compendium, I said. And soit was decided, I was to create my very own fudge, with the fudge making experts, in the very same little shop that I have walked past for years in my home town, historic and touristic; Windsor.

This time I wasn't coyly going in for a free sample, oh no! I was going in to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in the action. With all the ingredients laid out, the process began. As it's a new flavour, we we're to make half a batch, doubled all my cake ingredients, with an extra lemon, as we know, can never have too many lemons! and added them to a huge witches cauldron AKA a giant copper pot, along with 4 kinds of sugar (cane, glucose, invert, dextrose) pinch of salt, cream and water. The copper pot ensures an even low cooking temperature, essential for good fudge. If you are making fudge at home, you would use just cane and glucose sugar and any heavy bottomed pot would do. Continuous stirring is crucial to prevent sticking.

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At this point, the shop was exuding smells of a cross between Christmas (must be the mace) and gin (blame the juniper berries). After a wee while, it was ready to pour into a metal frame to make a slab shape, onto the marble surface. 7 minutes and a handful of currants later, the manipulation began. To make thick and smooth fudge, it has to be worked with a long spatula, dragging the goo backwards and forwards in measured movements. This rubs the sugar granules into smaller, rounder particles, less than 20 microns each, that is half the width of a human hair, to you and me.

Dont put the thing in the fudge, make the fudge taste like the thing, was Matts answer to my asking how he decides what to put into fudge when modelling it on a particular sweet. Thus, if one we're to make an Oreo fudge, as opposed to putting crumbled Oreos into the mix, it is more appropriate to use flavours such as chocolate and vanilla to replicate the taste. Remember, if you are experimenting at home, put ingredients like the currants in my fudge, in after the cooking process, preventing sogginess, currents would absorb too much moisture in the cooking process. The fudge, named Yasemens Lemony Ginberry Cake, I must say, tastes exactly like my cake does, just creamier and more rich. I wouldn't trust any other fudge company to make it. It was such a success the next day a whole batch was made, not only does it sell out in the shop, you will soon be able to buy it direct from my Lemony Love shop. Oh you lucky things

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