Single parent dating

Single parent dating is as old as divorce itself, and when children are involved, the single parent will have many questions. It can be a confusing issue. Below we will attempt to help you with 10 tips covering all areas of dating as a single parent.

1. Establish Some Rules.

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You are the one embarking on this new life, so you get to make the rules. As a single parent, do you want to date seriously or keep it casual? In addition, you may be somewhat critical of yourself wondering if you are doing the right thing. Just because you are now a single parent does not mean you have no right to an enjoyable dating experience.

2. Your Children and Your Date.

It is advisable that you not introduce your children to your date. It would be better to wait until you are sure the relationship is secure. Many times a person will be made uncomfortable by children interrupting the getting to know you phase of the single parent dating process. There will be a more appropriate time for this introduction.

3. Don't Come On Too Strong.

Being new to single parent dating , you may be tempted to make the new guy or gal in your life a personal parent helper. However, until the relationship is secure and you know your new dating partner well, it is advisable you do not ask him or her to be personally involved with your children.

4. Be Truthful With Your Children.

Discretion is always recommended when it comes to your children. However, being untruthful will only cause problems and confuse them more. Children naturally question everything. Be prepared with solid answers for the inevitable.

5. Keep Your Priorities in Order.

Certain is the fact that you have your own sexual urges and needs. Should you be at your childs upcoming recital, or should you accept your dates invitation for a weekend getaway? The choice between temptation and priority can be a hard one.

6. Martyrdom.

Do not use your kids as your excuse to avoid intimacy. Placing them between you and your date tends to cause him or her to manifest ill feelings toward your children. Sometimes it will be best to accept that weekend getaway.

7. When You're Out on a Date. You're Out on a Date.

Guilty feelings can sabotage any relationship. Especially those of single parent dating . Talking about your children constantly appears to your date as a form of guilt. Very short time should be given to the discussion of your children unless the discussion is initiated and prolonged by your date.

8. Its Your Business Not theirs.

Only you know how you feel. Explaining to friends and family the why of your actions is not recommended. What is right for you and your children may not be understood by those outside your personal circle. Doing what you think is best is your choice and requires no opinion from them.

9. When it's Time To Go, Its Time To Go.

There may come a time when it is best to leave a relationship. If your children have become attached to him or her, this can be a minefield. Your children may blame you. Be prepared to talk to them about why you decided to end the relationship. However, if there is a particularly strong bond between him or her, perhaps a proper solution can be found to allow that bond to remain.

10. Resistance Is To Be Expected.

In many cases, children will not accept your date, no matter how great he or she is. Especially if the divorce is still fresh in the childs mind. Children often feel a sense of abandonment after a divorce, sometimes becoming very selfish with your time, not tolerating the intrusion of a stranger very well. Acceptance and acknowledgement of your childs feelings are paramount. Consider your explanations wisely. However, let not your children control your dating life.

Following these 10 tips will insure that your single parent dating experience is a positive one for you and your children.

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