Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Around about the turn of the 20th century, electric cars had been outselling gas-powered vehicles for years, and many observers assumed that this would always be the case. But several factors, including the increasing supply and consequent reduction in price of gasoline, helped to bring about the dominance of automobiles that operate on fossil fuels, and it wasn't long before the market for electric cars disappeared altogether. A century later, though, the drawbacks of petroleum-based transportation are more widely acknowledged than ever before, and it now appears that the electric car is due for a well-deserved comeback as demand increases and new companies arise to fulfill it.

There are several good reasons for consumers to make the switch to greener vehicles in general and the electric car in particular. Most noticeably, volatility in the oil and gas sectors have made it clearer than ever that gas-powered vehicle owners are at the mercy of world affairs when it comes to fueling their cars in an economical manner. But whether oil is going for $40 a barrel or $140, electric cars are almost always cheaper to run than their gas-guzzling counterparts. They're also less expensive to maintain. Perhaps best of all, the disadvantages of electric cars are starting to disappear as more companies invest in research and development in order to make such vehicles more affordable, more practical, and even more luxurious.

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Miles Electric Vehicles has been one of the more groundbreaking companies to come about in the last few years, winning awards from environmental organizations for it's contributions to the viability of the electric car market such as being the first to develop an electric vehicle which managed to pass a variety of safety standards and other benchmarks. The company is set to release another industry advance with it's MILES XS500, which will retail at $30,000, be capable of the same speeds as many gas-powered vehicles, and feature most of the extras that American drivers have come to expect from their vehicles. Detroit Electric, named for the firm that Thomas Edison once championed in the early days of the auto market, is planning an even less expensive all-electric sedan that will cost about $25,000 and sport a range of over 100 miles or even farther for those willing to pay a few thousand dollars more. And Tesla Motors is looking to appeal to the luxury market with the first practical, mass-produced electric luxury car, the Model S, which it plans to release in 2011 for about $57,000.

Those planning to purchase a greener car in the next few years should also keep an eye out for developments among Asian automakers, many of which have taken advantage off lower labor costs, government subsidies (particularly in China), and other market advantages in order to produce greener vehicles at the lowest prices to be seen yet. Chinese firm BYD, for instance, will soon be releasing the F3DM, a $23,000 electric car that will be able to recharge with standard outlets and which will also feature a small gas engine. Another Chinese firm, Chery Automobile, has announced that it will soon begin production on a purely electric vehicle at an undisclosed price; the new model will be able to reach maximum charge in only half an hour by way of home electrical outlets.

India, too, is making strides in the race to develop viable green cars for consumers. The prominent Indian auto firm Tata made worldwide headlines with the release of it's Nano model, a $2,000 vehicle that gets 50 miles to the gallon due to it's relatively light weight. The firm is also reportedly developing the E-Nano, an electric version which, between the extraordinarily low price and green methodology, could very well become the standard in poorer countries and even richer ones, thus providing more and more people with the option of clean transportation in an age when it's needed most.

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