Clean The Filter

Improve Indoor Air Quality!!  

absorbPoor indoor air quality and carpet soil contaminants can cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, bronchitis, irritability and depression, eye and skin irritations. Children and pets, due to their size, are more easily affected by pollutants.

Carpet is a very efficient pollution collector, but must be maintained properly, just like car and furnace filters. When your carpet is full, every time you walk on it fine dust particles are released and you breathe them in.

Besides regular professional carpet cleaning, you can provide effective routine maintenance by:

  • Providing walk-off mats at each entrance maintained by periodic vacuuming, shaking and cleaning.
  • Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum: heavy traffic areas should receive a minimum of 8 passes with a vacuum, light traffic areas 2 passes. As well, dirt is an abrasive, similar to sandpaper, which is ground into the carpet fibers every time you walk on it, cutting your carpet.  Vacuuming removes the dirt and protects the longevity of your investment.
  • Immediate spot cleaning: Multi-Line recommends Absorb –A-Spill which soaks up pet accidents and large spills from carpet and upholstery while controlling offensive odors.

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