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I use GoDaddy personally very minimally (a handful of domain names and two hosting plans), but I have a number of clients who use GoDaddy for hosting. In the past few months, I've been saying more whoa Daddy's than GoDaddy's, because the web host giant has simply been over-promising and under-delivering.

GoDaddy Woes the cons that are getting louder

Here are some of the things I've noticed. I point these out specifically, because they are things that I never experience with any other web host especially not the use who use cPanel:

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  • Slow page load times . GoDaddy hosted sites seem to have incredibly slow load times. Likely culprit over-crowded servers. If you have shared hosting, which means your website sits on a server with several other people's websites, thus giving you cheaper hosting, you'll notice that the more crowded your server becomes, the longer it takes your page to load.
  • Slow installation of databases . Normally, I can create a MySql database in a matter of seconds no kidding. With GoDaddy and this is happening as I write I am STILL waiting for a database to be created and it's been over 30 minutes. In my opinion, that's unbelievable. I'm still a bit in shock and awe.
  • Broken installations of Wordpress . This is the biggest issue I've seen. It's a little bit like Twilight Zone. No one knows how or why, but "things" just happen. Like passwords that get "reset" and never come back, and you aren't able to re-set using Wordpress so GoDaddy tech support (God bless them) must do it for you. Or, the most recent one, bum database installations that occur during GoDaddy's auto-install of Wordpress. These are the most perplexing and equally as difficult to resolve.
  • Slow set up of hosting . It should not take longer than one hour to get your new website up and running. With GoDaddy, it can sometimes take half a day to an entire day for them to complete the domain registration and hosting.
  • Lengthy e-mail set up process . There's always some configuration when setting up e-mail accounts on your new website, but GoDaddy makes it like a maze. Too confusing.
  • Lengthy FTP user set up process . Again, there's a recurring theme. I don't know if making changes in GoDaddy simply requires so much time, or if they've bogged down the process with too many checks or what, but it shouldn't take that long. I've had to wait over 2 hours for a new FTP user to be added to an account with GoDaddy. With Siteground, it takes less than a minute.

What the experience should be like

This post is not meant to be a plug for the web hosting company that I use, Siteground, but I do want to point out some major differences and why I think Siteground is better than GoDaddy. Note, I also believe that Lunarpages, and West Host are also better than GoDaddy. I've used the latter three in business and I must say that I strongly encourage past and present clients to consider a variety of options before jumping onto mass products like GoDaddy.

Hosting should be semi-automatic. I love Siteground because I can go on the site, sign up for a domain and hosting, and literally right away go in, upload my site and be good to go. I can do all of this within 30 minutes. It's fantastic.

Setting up e-mail or a database shouldn't require a call to customer service. It should be simple easy to find and easy to change.

Great customer servicebut you have to use it too often

GoDaddy is notorious for excellent customer service. The only problem is that you actually have to use it. A lot. I've never had to use customer service as often with any other hosting company ever.

Siteground doesn't have great customer service. You can't call them on a phone. They don't have a chat feature. You have to submit a help desk ticket. It's very old school.

But guess what? You never need them. Ever. It's literally an auto-pilot hosting solution. The same goes for LunarPages, which is even better than Siteground in terms of dollar for dollar value. These companies offer something that's the most valuable a good product.

You can dress up a product all you want. Put a pretty face on it. Set up fancy customer service lines and offer a ton of variety. You can price it just right, too. But at the end of the day, if your product is broken, all of the marketing in the world cannot make up for it.

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